along these lines: Tim Ingold’s brief history of lines

Yesterday’s post referred to Tim Ingold’s lovely book Lines: A Brief History (2007, Routledge), which provides anthropological and archaeological frameworks for thinking through culture as a system of interwoven or interconnected lines.

It’s a major inspiration for along these lines, though I will focus here on contemporary art, something that Ingold doesn’t mention. Here’s the first paragraph:


Here’s a sly/dry Goodreads review, which might in time also apply to along these lines:

Lines: A Brief History (review)

Another review snippet to aspire to describes the book as:

a relatively concise and yet free-flowing thought experiment discussing connections between the material and metaphysical worlds

Kate Harrell, University of Sheffield

As a taste of what’s to come, find a hearty chunk of Lines: A Brief History on Google Books.