along these lines: “The Theory of Line”: Sharon Butler on Erin Weirsma’s painting

“What is a line?” Found this on the lovely blog Two Coats of Paint:

What is a line? In poetry, a line is a group of words assembled in a phrase that may or may not have a traditional sentence structure and punctuation. In tenth-grade geometry, we learn that a line is a path between two points. For Erin Wiersma, who has a solo at AIR gallery this month, line—made slowly and confidently on paper—is a unit of time. Hand mixing pigments with polymer binders, some of Wiersma’s layers are opaque and others transparent; some are added and others subtracted. The densely layered images start with one mark, akin to a heartbeat on an electrocardiogram. Like life, they become more complex and knotty, more exquisite and peculiar, as the lines and erasures accumulate.

–Sharon Butler, Two Coats of Paint