along these lines: “an extended line that goes through something”—Sarah Sze

I visited Sarah Sze’s residency exhibition at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia (December 13, 2013–April 6, 2014) back in the spring, and my observations on it just came out in Sculpture.

Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze, Fabric Workshop & Museum, 2014, installation view.

A sort of wiry, webby, stringy, knotty linearity spread out and around the whole show:

In Lines: A Brief History (2007), anthropologist Tim Ingold observes, “What is a thing, or indeed a person, if not a tying together of the lines—the paths of growth and movement—of all the many constituents gathered there?” Sarah Sze’s first solo exhibition in Philadelphia materializes just these sorts of ephemeral, linear traces throughout the Fabric Workshop and Museum’s three floors of gallery space.

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    Excerpt from Sze’s conversation with Hal Foster and Carlos Basualdo (video): “You’re doing a diagrammatic exploration of ‘what does a material mean?'”