along these lines: “Lines – A Brief History”: Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou-Metz

Looking up notes on the book Lines: A Brief History (2007), I stumbled across an exhibition of (almost) the same name—dash replaces colon—which was organized last year in France by Hélène Guenin and Christian Briend.

Lines – A Brief History takes inspiration from the book, drawing upon author Tim Ingold’s premise that “to study both people and things is to study the lines they are made of”.

The exhibition divides our daily experience of lines into seven categories:

A taxonomy of lines

“The long poem of walking”

Tracing boundaries, narrating experience


Ghostly lines



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Parallel Lines:

  • Sol LeWitt’s Lines of Thought, user-submitted review of the Pompidou-Metx show,
  • “Threads, traces, cuts, cracks or creases, permanent or ephemeral, physical or metaphorical, lines are everywhere. Every gesture, every movement is a dynamic and temporal line; an invisible language.” —